Danielle Morriss

Danielle Morriss

Associate Wealth Advisor

Danielle started working in the financial services industry in 2008 and learning the ropes during that stock market environment instilled a deep respect for managing a client’s life savings. Her experience with both independent advisors and larger financial firms developed her ability to problem solve and add more tools to the toolbox over the course of her career. As a female financial advisor, Danielle hopes to inspire more women to the finance profession and educate all women on their money and investing. She is happy to share everything she knows and become a valuable to resource to all clients.

Danielle is a candidate for her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) examination later this year.

Danielle grew up in California and Texas, played volleyball at a small college in Virginia, and now resides in Boise, Idaho with her husband and two sons. When she is not working, Danielle loves playing volleyball, reading a book, trying out a new restaurant for dinner, and planning the next family travel destination.


16 Years of Experience